Media Services

Shekhinah PR provides excellent wrap-up media services such as:

  • Comprehensive Press Conferences
  • Media Invites
  • Press Releases
  • Speeches
  • Editing
  • Media Consultancy & Training
  • Productions of Newsletters/Magazines
  • Publishing
  • Printing
  • Annual Reports
  • Photography & Logo Buys.

Event Management

Shekhinah PR is highly specialized in event management such as:
  • Public Relations
  • Communications Services
  • Sports Events

Sports Public Relations

  • We are sharp in targeting our audience, core principle of Public Relations, analyzing the situation that is needed, we then sit down to plan the communication and activation that is required to ensure our clients succeed. Media Campaign and Strategy is drawn to suit the message and objectives,
  • The explosion of media outlets bodes well for the future of public relations in sports. As sports PR experts, we specialise in coordinating the flow of information from teams to the press, feeding the public’s hunger for sports news items, team data and player information. We also focus on playing an important role in generating public interest, increasing teams’ visibility and filling stadiums with fans.

Media Management

  • Through a blend of international media relationships, Shekhinah offers unrivalled strategic media services to clients. In an increasingly competitive media environment, our team members engage reporters and editors around stories that build long-term reputational impartiality and break through the media clutter. We also counsel clients on how to establish lasting ties with the media to maintain and expand their ability to tell their stories through
  • leading print, broadcast and online outlets, at regional, domestic and intercontinental levels.

Brand Communication

  • Brand communication is all about helping realize your brand’s true potential in the market. We mount enormous efforts in translating your marketing strategy into tactical integrated communication on a large scale and across media boundaries to enhance your brand’s reputation. Shekhinah helps create value and loyalty by enriching the brand journey with engaging experiences. By helping you understand who the consumers are, what they need, when they need it, where and why.

Corporate Communication

  • We help clients succeed in a communications environment  by focusing and disciplining a client’s distinctive campaign approach. Our team members work closely as corporate advocates for our clients, communicating your messages, strengthening your reputations and overcoming their business challenges through campaigns which encompasses a high level of dynamism as well as ongoing dialogue with every key internal and external constituency.
Strategic Event Management
  • The hosting of events – whether large international events, or smaller niche interest events – has a huge, long-lasting impacts and creates a real impression on the local environment, society and industry anywhere in the world. Shekhinah’s members are highly-skilled at comprehensive and meticulous planning. By facilitating and organising numerous types of events, we have managed to garner huge interests, helping make your event a major success through sponsorships, publicity en route to a world-class preparation.
Managing Social Networks ( Facebook, Twitter & etc )
  • Facebook, Twitter and other social sites have become a vital medium in today’s society, ,more so when it comes to building brands and creating as well as cultivating fan base. We help brands to listen, understand and engage in conversations in social media. Shekhinah has the ability to influence the minds of targeted audience by “Net-ting” them online!