eRacing Grand Prix SEA to make debut in Kuala Lumpur

By May 2, 2019 June 25th, 2019 Newsroom

KUALA LUMPUR (2 May 2019): Kuala Lumpur will host the first-ever eRacing Grand Prix SEA this coming June with its target being to help virtual racers develop their potential and become stars in motor racing.

eRacing made its Grand Prix debut in Hong Kong last year which inspired Alex Yoong, the founder of Axle Motorsport, to bring this branch of motor racing to this region and develop a regional eRacing championship with the objective of transforming virtual racers into real-life motorsport champions.

“eRacing Grand Prix SEA is the best platform for virtual racers to prove that gamers can establish themselves in real-life motorsports successfully,” said Alex.

Virtual racers who have access to Playstation can develop their skills to be professional racing drivers. The top 40 contestants will have access to professional driver coaches where they will be trained to become real race car drivers.

“The rise of eSports in this region is regarded as the best opportunity for the growth of eRacing to become one of the top eSports games in the world. For the record eSports has become a significant face of the video game industry where there was a demonstration event during the Asian Games. I hope that this will transition it from known as a ‘video game’ to a ‘sport’,” added Alex.

Axle Motorsport also provides strategic partnerships in SEA motorsports to help the eRacing industry with the correct career progression from gaming to tangible motorsport. This is also the SEA wide initiative where it helps to support the drivers’ array of talents to become future stars in the motorsport industry.

The first Grand Prix will be held in Malaysia before heading to the Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam and Thailand. The winner of each country stop will be trained and offered a spot in Formula 4 South East Asia Championship (F4SEA) as the first step before making their way to becoming a professional racing driver.

About Axle Motorsport:

Founded in 2008, Axle Motorsport (Axle) is the brainchild of Malaysia’s premier Formula 1 racing driver Alex Yoong. Embodying Alex’s drive and passion for the sport, Axle provides progressive avenues to the motorsports industry. It consists of key management team and staff that have developed a full range of expertise in managing and operating manufacturers and private motorsport programmes, and the development of motor sports series locally and regionally.

As the global dimension of this sports platform becomes increasingly prominent, Axle prides itself in growing leaps and bounds in the decade since its inception