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By March 18, 2016 April 11th, 2016 Newsroom

Kuala Lumpur (March 18, 2016): Teamwork will be the key inspiring factor for Dessert Storm in the ultimate test of endurance and strength when the Reebok Spartan Super Race gets underway on March 20 at Canary Garden in Bandar Bestari Klang.

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“Never give up no matter what. We have to work our way through all the obstacles as a team. One supporting the other,” was the inspiring words of Dessert Storm captain S. Puvan to all 17 members of the team during an intensive training session at the Bandaraya Park in Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur.

Puvan knows what is in store for them in the Spartan Race having endured the pain and agony of going through the paces in the first hurdle of the Spartan Sprint last October. They completed the 5km Spartan Sprint which involved 15 obstacles with so much joy and celebrations.
“It is never going to be an easy task but we did it as a team. The hardest part is knowing we have to overcome our limitations and push to cross these obstacles,” added Puvan, who at 43 is the oldest member of the team.
Contestants for the Reebok Spartan Super Race are to assemble at the premises of KSL Sales Gallery at No.2, Jalan Langat KS9, Bandar Bestari, Klang for the race (Waze: Khoo Soon Lee Realty Sdn Bhd Klang). KSL Holdings Berhad is the official partner and venue sponsor of the Reebok Spartan Super Race.


The Reebok Spartan Super on March 20th is loaded with 30+ obstacles over a 13+km distance and open to participants aged 14 and above. It is the next step up for Spartan Sprint Finishers on their way to the coveted Spartan Trifecta (if you finished last year’s Spartan Sprint in Oct, it will count for this year’s Trifecta).

Puvan added that there have been situations when some members of the team just feel like giving up as in the case of Spartan Sprint but with lots of cajoling and motivation they finished the race.
“It is not that they cannot continue the race but it is just sometimes when your brain tells you to give up we follow that path. We never allow that to happen and are always motivating them throughout the race.  We are participating in the Spartan Race for fun but each of us have our own personal goal, so as the team captain it is my responsibility to make sure every member achieves their objective,” he said.
Meanwhile, 25-year-old Rubini Mohan and the youngest member in the team say the Spartan Super Race will be a thrilling experience.
“The monkey bar was my toughest challenge I faced during the Spartan Sprint but I manage to pull through thanks to my teammates who motivated me. I am expecting far more challenging moments in the Spartan Super Race with 25 obstacles,” said Rubini.
“With the kind of training we are undergoing now, I’m ready and excited for the Spartan Super. My level of confidence is high and I believe as a team everyone can complete the challenging race,” she added.
Another member of the team, Vicneswary Anthony, who is equally excited over the euphoria of competing in the Spartan Super Race, is determined to beat all odds in completing the race.
“I’m the biggest member in the team (weight) and I have always had a tough time keeping up with the others but they have never seen me as a weak link in the team and have always encouraged me.
“I am working hard in building my stamina. It will take time but I will eventually get there. During the Spartan Sprint, I almost gave up many times but was prodded to stay on in the race and when I completed the race, I was in tears because it was a big achievement on my part. All credit goes to my team for standing out and giving their support to me,” said the 34-year old.
Briton Ben McClelland, 31, quipped: “What I love about Spartan Race is that it draws the adrenaline in you and it is well organised. Apart from that we meet competitor whom we have never known before. There is all-round sportsmanship.
“When you are down and unable to carry on, you get competitors passing by you and encouraging you to get up and continue the race,” he said.
In conjunction with Reebok Spartan Super Race partnership with Media Prima, participants will be entitled to a RM20 discount in registration fees when they use the code IAMSPARTAN. Closing date for registration is on March 17 and it reopens on Race Day.

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