Red Bull Rookies: Women Racing On The Fast Lane!

By December 3, 2013 Newsroom

Press Release / 2013 Red Bull Rookies Sepang 1,000KM Endurance Race Press Conference

Kuala Lumpur (3 December, 2013): Considering that racing is dominated by men, the Red Bull Rookies aims to even the odds by opening the doors to aspiring female drivers looking for a big break in giving motorsports a ‘go.’

The Red Bull Rookies was formed in 2008 with the purpose of searching, funding and nurturing female aspiring motorsports talents, providing them a platform to race on a professional level. It started in Malaysia with the Red Bull Female Driver Search in 2007 and upon its success, extended to include Brunei and Singapore in 2010 and 2011 respectively.

The controversial debate or rather perception commonly held by both genders is that women are not gifted in mastering the wheel. However, the Red Bull Rookies strives to do just the opposite and more, by showcasing that the wheel is only a machine, and there is a Danica Patrick or Leilani Munter in every Jane, given the right and sufficient training.

“Part of the programme’s curriculum includes Defensive and Tactical Driving Courses – trained and evaluated by Asia Advanced Driving Academy (AADA) chief trainer, Kenvin Low, which tests your ability to handle tough situations both on the track and road,” said Jyn Wee, Executive Director of Red Bull Malaysia at a press conference today to announce the Red Bull all-female racing team for the Sepang 1,000KM race.

“Through our partnership with Hypertune, Shift and MYC!, we have invited 40 potential race drivers to be part of our special selection process, which also includes fans from our Facebook page. These potential Rookies are selected based on their passion as well as interest in racing and will undergo a series of knowledge and personality evaluation tests come this weekend at Sepang. From there, 10 hopefuls will be selected for the next round. For those who did not make the grade, they can try their luck again at roadshows conducted by Red Bull throughout the country, which will be searching for another 20 female drivers, bringing the overall Red Bull Rookies programme pool to 30. This group of 30 race drivers will then undergo training, whereby only the top two will be selected to race in next year’s Sepang 1,000km Race.,” he explained.

Wee also acknowledged that their efforts in churning out talented female drivers have proven to be a success in the last five years and cites that more needs to be done to develop racing talent among females.

The success of the programme is exemplified by the representation of an all-female Red Bull Rookies Team comprising Siti Shahkirah Shaharul and Siti Zirwatul Iradah Awang Adinin in the 2013 Sepang 1,000KM Endurance Race. Shahkirah, 19, hails from Subang, while Zirwatul, 25, from Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei are the finest products of the 2011 Red Bull Under-21 & 2012 Red Bull Female Rookies respectively.

The Red Bull Rookies programme has witnessed great success through the likes of Mark Darwin. Darwin began his motorsports racing journey as a Red Bull Rookies driver in 2011 and returned the following year as an anchor driver for the team.  His successful stint with the Red Bull Rookies Team propelled him to join the professional ranks and he is all too eager for this Saturday’s Sepang 1,000KM.

“Mark clearly displayed his talents and was part of the Rookies Team for two consecutive years. With his passion and determination in racing, he has secured a sponsorship to race for Tedco Racing Team at this year’s Sepang 1,000KM Endurance Race. Mark will no longer be a Rookie but becomes a professional Red Bull-sponsored driver. Because of his passion for racing, Mark will play a very important role in the 2014

Red Bull Rookies Programme, by leading part of the programme to select the right individuals to become the next Red Bull Rookie,” Wee explained.

Meanwhile, a delighted Darwin says he is thrilled to share his knowledge with the drivers in the Red Bull Rookies Programme, and believes that those able to withstand the challenges ahead will go on to cherish this moment.

“There is more to it than just racing on the tracks. It is a very demanding and energy-sapping event as being physically fit and mentally strong are some of the important aspects we will be looking out in these drivers. The search for the 2014 Red Bull Rookies is going to be very exciting,” added Darwin.



Red Bull Rookies programme was initiated in 2008 based on the Red Bull Female Driver Search 2007. In 2009, the Red Bull Female Driver Search conducted road shows on a nationwide scale, leading to official formation as well as participation of the Red Bull Rookies Team at the inaugural Sepang 1000KM race. The Red Bull Rookies is a unique programme that aims to search, fund and nurture up-and-coming drivers as well as provide them with an opportunity to become a professional race driver!

Red Bull Malaysia was introduced in 1993 and is currently the No. 1 energy drink in Malaysia. Red Bull has since proven to its consumers its product performance – maintaining alertness, endurance and performance – stimulating both mind and body.

Asia Advanced Driving Academy Sdn Bhd (AADA) was formed in 2004 and is a service provider of Driver Training and Driver Development programmes as well as an organiser of corporate motoring events, road safety campaigns, new car launches, stunt driving for films and commercial advertisements.



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